Things You Should Know Are Bad For Your Eyes

You may not realize just how many things you can do to your eyes that can cause problems. You may think as long as you go in to the eye doctor for an exam every once in a while that you are doing great. However, you may find yourself surprised to learn you may be doing things every day that put your eyes well-being at risk of injury or other types of damage. Here are some things you may be doing every day that put your eyes at risk.

Wearing someone else's makeup – When you use someone else's makeup or allow them to use yours, you are putting the health of your eyes at risk. Each person has different bacteria and germs in their eyes and when you use eye makeup after another person, you are transferring those things right into your own eyes. This can lead to you catching different types of illnesses, with one of the more contagious and common ones being a condition called conjunctivitis, or more commonly referred to as 'pink eye'.

Wearing certain types of makeup – Wearing mascara is not good for your eyes. Not only is there the chance of poking yourself in the eye with the mascara wand, which can lead to serious injury, but you also risk small pieces getting in your eye, which can cause your cornea to get scratched. Powder eyeshadow is also not good to put on your eyes because those little flecks of the shadow can also get in your eye and if you rub your eye in the wrong way at the wrong time, then you can scratch your eye.

Rubbing your eyes when you have contact lenses in – If you wear contact lenses, then you know that they can sometimes feel dry. This can lead to irritation which leaves you feeling like you really need to rub them. Don't rub your eyes because you can scratch them with the sides of the lenses. You can also end up ripping the contact lenses. Also, if there is even the tiniest bit of dust under the contact, you will be pressing that piece of dust against your eye, causing scratches.

Going too long between exams – Your optometrist is going to tell you when they would like to see you again for your next exam. You should follow their advice and come back at that time. This way, you know you are doing something to help keep your eyes as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

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