5 Tricks For Dealing With Safety Glasses That Keep Fogging Up

Safety glasses are essential for protecting your eyes, but foggy lenses can be just as dangerous when they're obstructing your vision. Lenses can fog regardless of the material they're made from or the season, so it's best to learn how to deal with the fogging instead of trying to learn how to see through the haze. All five of these tricks can be used together to keep the most stubborn fogging from ruining your work routine.

What's Making Your Vision Blurry All Of The Sudden?

When you're normally able to see clearly, but suddenly your vision becomes blurry, this is not a symptom you should ignore. Some causes of blurry vision, such as dry contact lenses, are rather innocuous -- but others, such as a detached retina, require emergency medical attention. Thus, when you experience blurred vision, it's important to narrow down the possible causes and then act accordingly. Here's a look at four common causes of sudden blurry vision, and what you should do about each one.